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Cars for Sale

Vehicles for hire / lease
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Vehicles wanted
Vehicles Wanted  
Jeep on long term hire

We are looking for a diesel jeep in mint condition to be used by company director. Montero Sports, Sorento, Tuscon preferred. Please give details via mail. Email:     (11/05/2016)

Lorry for monthly rent

Wanted batta, lokka 10 1/2 lorry for monthly rent in and around Nittambuwa, Gampaha. Tel:0777896063     (16/05/2014)

Wanted lorry for monthly rent

Wanted Izusu, Mazda, 250 double wheel lorry for monthly rental. Maximum rental 20000-25000. Tel:0719213758     (24/07/2014)

Wanted a Lorry for rent

Wanted a lorry 10 wheel or 1210 to transport rubber timber. Pl call with monthly rent. Tel:0777896063     (20/04/2013)

Kia Sorento for rent

Need Kia Sorento jeep for long term rent for 1 year without driver for an engineer. YOM 2012 or above. Auto, Diesel and seven seated. Tel:0714240246 Email:     (22/12/2013)

Wanted Honda Motorcycle

Want to buy a latest model, one owner or new, Honda motorcycle not above 200 cc. Spot cash available. Tel:+64211746239     (02/07/2012)

Cars & vans wanted

Without driver Cars & Vans wanted. Tel:+94778397604     (26/07/2012)

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Urgent needed a maruti zen or alot

For a medical rep need a maruti zen or alot urgent for long term use..below 25000..Email me at     (31/01/2012)

Short term (1 to 2 months) rent

I am Sri Lankan visiting SL on short vacation need reliable small car for (single) self use.      (01/07/2012)

Looking for a Mazda used car

Need a Mazda Familia 323 car below Rs.800000. yom above 90,full light,ac,power,5fwd.with a very good condition body. specially not going for a lease. Please contact Gayan 0773383825     (23/08/2011)

CAMRY SV40 1.8L Manual

Wanted a 1995 / 1996 Toyota SV40 for purchase. Reply with full details.     (04/01/2012)

Wanted double cab

Want a D/Cab diesel, 4 wheel, Manuel, Nissan or Toyota. 1.5 M or below. need number 54or 56 For private deal. Contact:sarath,Sri lanka Tel:0779454345,0812570977     (02/02/2011)

Car for rent

Company executive looking for a car on rent basis for 2 months. Fuel Consumption should be over 12km/Ltr and rental below 35000/-. Tel:0773074119     (30/06/2011)

Vans, lorries needed

We are taking Vans,lorries and other type of vehicles for long term rent and purchasing. Please call Sanjeeva on 0723698252     (26/11/2010)

Mazda Bongo/Nissan Vannet

Looking for a Mazda Bongo or Nissan Vannet. Budget Rs. 1.5m  Tel:0777 168969     (26/11/2010)

Toyota kr 42

With you Toyota kr42 van ?? if you want sale? I need buy that. please call me. Tel:072 80020 51   (03/09/2010)


Urgently need MAZDA ASTINA car. Pls feel free to contact me immediately. Tel:+94 772616792   (03/11/2010)

Toyota AE110

Looking for a Toyota AE110 car around Rs.1,300,000/- Tel:0773 263764    (01/06/2010)

Moped Bike

Looking for TVS, Kinetic moped bike. Tel:0718311701    (31/08/2010)


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