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Tuition Wanted  

Required tuition teachers for an educational institute

Higher Educational Institute in Kandana requires tutors to conduct classes from Grade 6-12 in both English & Sinhala medium.If you are well experienced tutor contact us on 0715726051 or 0763872821. Email:   (15/05/2017)


Required tuition teachers for an educational institute

Newly opening Higher Educational Institute in Ja-ela requires tutors to conduct classes from Grade 6 to 12 in both English and Sinhala medium. If you are well experienced tutor contact us on 0782594194 or Email:   (04/11/2016)

Science O/L Female Teacher

We need a female science teacher who can teach Local O/L science in English medium as home vising class. Please contact : 0716476642 Email:   (16/01/2017)


Statistics Teacher wanted

Undergraduate student (doing an overseas university degree locally) in Kottawa Pannipitiya area wants a lecturer for Statistics. A teacher with MSc in Statistics wanted. Please send details by email. Email:   (27/04/2015)

Chemistry /Biology / Human Biology

Male teacher is required for Biology. English Medium A/L. Male of Female teacher for Chemistry A/L . Need to do home visit to Dehiwala Junction. Any time of the day child is available. Tel: 0773839879 Email:   (01/07/2016)


Tuition - Buddhism

Need an Individual tuition for 2015 O/L Student in Mulleriyawa. Tel:0714419012    (28/01/2015)

Cambridge/Edexcel International Advanced Level (Bangladesh)

Wanted to teach O/A level students. Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Statistics, Mechanics, English, ICT. Experienced teacher in O/A level teaching profession. Senior teacher in DIS. Tel:01914042970    (14/03/2015)


English medium Buddhism

Need an English medium Buddhism teacher for grade 8 student who is living in Mount Lavinia. Tel:0718054056    (08/12/2014)

O/L Tamil Teacher wanted

I want the service of an O/L Tamil Teacher near Ratnapura area. Tel:0775066598    (28/01/2015)


 Wanted Malay language class

I'm willing to learn Malay language since I'm going to go to Malaysia. Tel:0771976810    (28/12/2013)

 Sinhala tuition on Skype (Australia)

Wanted a Sinhala teacher for year 6 Student living in Overseas. Classes should conduct on Skype. Send your contact number to +61401347259    (17/02/2014)


Experienced female teacher

Looking for an experienced female teacher, preferably graduate teacher or university student who could guide/teach all subjects for grade 6 and 2 in English and Sinhala medium. Home visits - Col. 13 Tel:0717777513    (04/12/2013)

 Commerce O/L

Wanted a male teacher for individual tuition for O/L Commerce.    (11/12/2013)


Tuition Chemistry & Physics (Australia)

Two teachers required (English Medium) for A/L Chemistry & Physics for our son. International school teachers or Ananda/Nalanda/Royal school teachers preferred. Parents living in Australia. Send sms to 0061401347259 we will call you.    (26/07/2013)

Need teachers for an institute

Space available to conduct classes in Kurunegala town. We need teachers to conduct classs. Tel:0718989591    (16/11/2013)

ICASL Strategic Level II -FM

Home visiting lecturer is required for ICASL Strategic Level II Financial Management subject. (Kadawatha) Tel:0773706143   (24/08/2012)

English for beginner Moratuwa or Panadura

Wanted a lady English teacher for both written and spoken English in or around Moratuwa or Panadura area. Individual class preferred.   (03/06/2013)

Tutor for physics and chemistry

Need a tutor to teach physics and chemistry for grade 7 studying in an international school. Immediately contact number 0777881822   (15/05/2012)

London A/L tuition wanted

London A/L classes (edexcel) wanted for Economics, Psychology, English and Core maths for student in Nittambuwa. Can attend classes in Gampaha as well. Please call 0332287104   (15/07/2012)

Spoken English teacher wanted

I want to develop presentation skills and grammar and spoken. Pls mail me.   (21/01/2012)

Need a German teacher

I am looking for a German teacher from Matara area. Please contact me 0773026553   (16/02/2012)

Wanted French teacher

Wanted French teacher for 6 years old and 10 years old children please contact 0777881822   (21/09/2011)

M.S.(Geology) Jahangirnagar University (Dhaka,Bangladesh)

In Mirpur-1,2,10, need a class iv-10,any of the bangla/English medium specially in science based. Tel:+8801199425306   (13/01/2012)

English tuition for child

Looking for a teacher or undergrads to teach English at home (Pandura) to teach 7 yrs old boy.   (01/08/2011)

English medium tuition for O/L student

Please help me with classes for the following subjects for a English medium student who will do the O/L in 2012 December; Business studies and accounts, Sinhala, History, Health, Christianity. Home visits is preferred : Athurugiriya millennium city Tel:0777709559  (13/09/2011)

English tuition for child

Looking for a teacher or undergrads to teach English at home (Pandura) to teach 7 yrs old boy.   (01/08/2011)

Daily visiting teacher

Daily visiting teacher to assist my son(6+)in his daily school work as both of us working. He is in grade 2 studying English medium. University students are welcome too. Pl contact urgently. Tel:0714434984/0714272905   (12/08/2011)

Classical Guitar

Need a Classical Guitar teacher around Colombo for Trinity Exam. Tel:0715141278   (10/01/2011)

Speaking English

Close to Ganemulla, Gampaha. Tel:+940774032404   (22/04/2011)

A/L Physics (English medium)

A student (living in Kandana) sitting for the G.C.E. A/L examination in English medium in 2012  Wants a Physics tutor in English medium. Please contact Swarna on 071-8407950   (12/11/2010)

Trained teacher for Maths, Science and English

I am looking for a very trained kind teacher for my son Grade 7 who will be going into the English medium from this year. Subjects Math, Science. English. He has difficulty in reading and writing hence I need a trained teacher to deal with children with learning differences. Home visits every week day from 6-7.30pm Contact Tamara Herath   (03/01/2011)

English tuition for a child

Looking for a female teacher to teach English. Only 3 days for a week.   (27/10/2010)

Maths Teacher

Looking for a Maths teacher (Cambridge syllabus) for Grade 8 student.   (08/11/2010)

Tuition wanted for Local O/L student

A student sitting for O/L in December 2010, requires English medium classes for - Maths, Science, Social, History Tamil medium - Accounting and Hindu religion. Individual attention needed. Tel:0773759057   (10/08/2010)

A/L Maths, Physics, English

A2 edexcel group or individual around Colombo. Tel:0772306595   (01/09/2010)

English Teacher
English spoken teacher wanted for businessman Tel:071-4014339 Email:   (24/03/2008)
A/L ICT 2012
Newest Subject A/L ICT tuition wanted (not GIT) Contact me on email.   (04/03/2010)
English Teacher
A home visited English teacher's service is required to teach english language for two children (year 6 and year 7) at Hokandara-North, Tel: 077 6747319 Email:   (02/01/2008)
French Classes

32 yr old gent attached to a foreign bank in colombo, requires lessons in French. pls call on 0777-698664 during weekdays (8.30am - 5.00pm)  (07/02/2008)

Muslim Teacher

A lady Muslim teacher required for English and Quran recitation (hifl) for 7 and 4 year old daughters. Mrs.Manaf, Kolonnawa. 2530809, 0773 596525 (12/12/2007)

BS teacher home visited for London A/L Edexel student. 0773 621775 (12/12/2007)
CIMA Strategic level 3 subjects for a person in top management. 0777 266934 (12/12/2007)
English spoken foreign teacher wanted for businessman. 0723 720589 (12/12/2007)

English teacher wanted to visit home at Bandaragama for six year child for spoken English. Ranjana 0773 617746 (12/12/2007)


English teacher (Local/Foreigner) IELTS oriented Advanced Enlish course for a professional from Kandy. 081 5621212 9 p.m. - 11 p.m. (12/12/2007)

Computer, German, Biology, Business
Tuition for IGCSE O/L student needed in Computer German Biology Business. 0777 705990 (12/12/2007)

Wanted a teacher teaching in a school in English medium Maths for a girl in Grade 8. Willing to visit home in Colombo. 0722 874104 (12/12/2007)


Wanted urgently tutor to coach undergraduate in Aerodynamics. 0773 238052 (12/12/2007)


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