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1.      Home (Free online classified advertisement portal in Sri Lanka)

2.      About Us (An exhaustive listing of products and services in Sri Lanka)

3.   Classifieds

        Business Opportunities (Home based business opportunities, business partners, investment opportunities)

        Hotels and Guest Houses (Holiday bungalows, accommodation, lodging, hotel rooms, travel destinations)

        Vehicles (used vehicles and brand new vehicles)

o      Cars for sale

o       Vehicles for hire / lease

o       Jeeps and pickups for sale

o       Motor Cycles for sale

o       Vans for sale

o       Vehicles wanted

        Computers (used computers, branded computers and assembled computers)

o       Computer maintenance, computer services

o       Computers and accessories for sale

        Employment Opportunities (Find your job online)

o       positions vacant

o       positions wanted

        Entertainment (TV, Radio, Hi-fii, Video, movies, music, art events, entertainment news)

        Tuition (School education, training, seminars)

o       tuition available

o       tuition wanted

        House and property (Real estate, luxury apartments, homes, condominiums)

o       House and property let / lease

o       House and property sale

o       House and property wanted

        Matrimonial (Marriage proposals in Sri Lanka, find your partner online)

o       Brides

o       Grooms

        Horoscope Reading (Horoscope reading, horoscope matching)


o       For Sale

o      Wanted

        Services (A whole range of services in one page)




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