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Looking for a partner

Hi, I'm Ruwini. 27 years, bodu durava. Living in Colombo. Graduated from University of Colombo. I''m looking for a loving, caring partner for a life long relationship. Mail me    (12/06/2017)

Marriage Proposal

Looking for a groom, for educated daughter. LLB  degree holder, law college 2nd year, studied at leading school in Colombo, 23 years, only educated persons are welcome, no dowry hunters please.    (12/06/2017)

Coordinator - Foreign Consulate Office

Hi..I'm Nadia, 31 years old. I'm looking for understanding..loving..caring partner for my life. I'm coming from Bodu Govi family background. Email:    (01/06/2017)


I'm from Colombo. 48yrs old. wish to meet an educated partner to build a relationship. Email:    (01/06/2017)

Marriage Proposal

Colombo suburbs parents seek academically professionally qualified Buddhist NS/TT son above 5’4” for daughter Software Engineer born 1980.    (19/05/2017)

Marriage Proposal

I am 43 years Homagama. 5'3" passed AL I am looking a loving and educated partner to marry. Email: Shyamapriyadarshani1974@gmail.Com    (19/05/2017)

Looking for a bridegroom for my daughter

Sinhalese Buddhist parents from Gampaha district seek a caring, honest and loving partner between 30yrs to 39 yrs, 5’7” or above for pretty daughter born in 1985. She is 5’4” manager.   (15/05/2017)

Looking for a suitable life partner from Kaluthara district

I am 33 years, Kaluthara, 5 feet, passed A/L, working in a private sector, looking for a suitable life partner from Kaluthara district.   (15/05/2017)


I am 37 divorced lady. Having a kid living with me. Seeking a decent educated and trustworthy partner for rest of my life. Email:   (30/03/2017)

Seeking my life partner

I'm a divorced lady age 37 5,6 tall well educated doing own business as fashion designer. Seeking good well educated groom with good job back ground. Overseas are specaily well come for more pls contac me. Email:kethminiabey   (15/05/2017)

Looking for marriage an educated boy

I'm Jayani. I'm 25 years old. I'm studying in Japan. I'm looking good family background, Well educated boy. Overseas proposals are ok. Email:   (30/03/2017)

Looking for a kind hearted and honest person for marriage

Hi..I'm Sajee. Honest and kind hearted. Fair and young looking. Middle class family. I'm working as a Data Entry Operator. I'm looking for a kind and honest person to get married. Email:   (30/03/2017)

Looking for a partner for my divorced sister

I am sister of the bride currently lives in Canada. I am looking for a Groom for my divorced sister (No kids) lives in Sri Lanka. Govi Buddhist 29 years. 5' 7" studying for Masters Degree and working as a lecturer. Email:   (30/03/2017)

Seeking a life partner

I am a neluka from nugegoda. I am 33 years old and currently I am working as an x ray technician. Email:   (30/03/2017)

Looking for a suitable life partner

I am 33 years, Kaluthara, 5 feet , passed A/L, working in a pvt company, looking for a suitable life partner. Email:   (30/03/2017)

For only marriage

I'm divorced lady seeking partner to marry. For more detail contact me. Email:   (30/03/2017)


I am an university graduate.iwas born in 1976. From Colombo. Working in a private sector. Young looking and kind. I'm looking for educated kind person. Age between 40-48.   (19/01/2017)

Parents seeking a daughter (UK)

Buddhist parents are seeking a daughter for their 27 year old son. We are looking for someone with kind hart and who we can trust. She must be living in USA and he is UK. Email:   (30/03/2017)

Search for a Groom from New Zealand

I am Kumari. Working as an Accountant in New Zealand. Age 37+, Divorced due to husband's weaknesses. A nice and intelligent son of 8 years, schooling, like to have a suitable groom from New Zealand. Email:   (16/01/2017)

Looking for a Christian life partner

29 years of age, Christian, 5'6 average, English teacher as the profession; looking for a suitable life partner. Contact on   (16/01/2017)

Looking for an educated son

Father looks for an educated son for his 22 year old daughter. B/K .Graduate, Fluent in English. Parents separated. Engineer, Accountant preferable. Email:   (16/01/2017)

A respectable gentleman for marriage

I am a divorced loving kind hearted lady. Age 49; looks 35. I own my own company as managing director in tourism. Email:   (16/01/2017)

Kind hearted boy for marriage

Hi ...I am from Galle. Catholic; Govi. Height 5'2" and working at a private bank. Searching for a boy with kind hearted and good qualities. Email:   (16/01/2017)

Looking for a kind partner

Hi I am Sri Lankan Dutch Burgher; 43 years old. Widow with a kid. If need willing to migrate. Email:   (16/01/2017)

Looking for a Groom

I'm a University graduate and a trained teacher, devorcee, 37 years old, 5.7' tall and fair in complexion. Looking for well educated genuine groom. Foreign grooms / General physicians are preferred.  Email:   (30/11/2016)

Looking for a Groom

My daughter 22 years old, studied at Colombo leading school, graduated from university of London (LLB), Currently doing Attorney exams Fluent in English, B/K ,Educated son is sought by father. Email:   (10/12/2016)

Seeking a partner

43 years of age (appears younger), pretty lady with Sinhala Values living in Australia with PR, hailing from a respectable family background, family oriented, loving, caring, in search for a partner in marriage with a kind, honest heart, loving, and devoted to family life. Preference given to those live overseas. Having permanent job also. Own assets. Please, serious replies only.    (23/11/2016)

It's about me

I'm 29 years old. 5"2" tall. Fair. Youngest of family. And I'm a divorcee. Looking for a kind generous person. Please send horoscope copy and details for the given email.    (23/11/2016)

Seeking Genuine Life partner

I'm from Colombo B/G family 33yrs old, slim, 5" 2', seeking a decent good partner who has a stable job for an early marriage , age range 31-38, willing to migrate, No fun writers! Email:   (04/11/2016)

Seeking honest groom

Seeking a real groom for my sister. She is divorced after less than 01 year short marrage. She is 38 now.No children. Please reply only genuine.   (23/11/2016)


40 yrs, Buddhist govi family. Bachelor of performing arts. Privet sector. Unmarried kind hearted no dowry. Middle class family. Looking for kind, educated person for marriage. Age between 43-50. Email:   (27/10/2016)

Suitable partner

I'm Sanduni, I'm looking a loving caring and understandable person for my life. I'm 25 (1992) years old and living in Kaluthara. My height is 5'1. I'm doing gov job. Email:    (04/11/2016)

Looking for a kind husband

Divorcee looking for a partner. Working in a leading firm; has a house in Colombo. Email:   (27/10/2016)

Looking a person from European countries

I'm 23 years old. Divorced, Catholic, I like to live in foreign country. Looking for a honest and lovely person from European country with (PR). Between (25-35). Serious replies only. Email:   (27/10/2016)

Life partner

I'm 28 years old fair, pretty Engineering degree holder divorce with 1 1/2 year son looking for understandable gentleman who can treat my son as his own son.   (04/10/2016)

Looking for an educated partner

I am a B.Sc. Engineer drawing over Rs.100 000/-. Pleasant, slim, fair, 48 years of age but looks younger. Divorced from a brief marriage. Innocent party. No children. Dowry available. Tel: 077 1537312 Email:   (05/10/2016)

Suitable partner

I'm Sanduni, I'm looking a loving caring and understandable person for my life. I'm 24 years old and living in Kaluthara. My hight is 5'1". Email:   (03/10/2016)

Seeking a kind and compatible life partner

I am 27 years divorced lady with 1 kid living with me. Work at government sector. Seeking a decent well educated partner between 30-36 years. Email:   (03/10/2016)

Seeking an educated genuine life partner

Very pretty fair young looking girl. Searching a educated genuine partner. 41ys old but looks like 30ys. Working in a government sector. She has own new car, house lands and other assets.   (02/09/2016)

Looking for a groom

I am Gayani from kadawatha.30 years old. 5'2". Looking for a honest and lovely person from a European country to be my life partner.   (15/09/2016)

Seeking a educated genuine life partner

Very pretty fair young looking girl. Searching a educated genuine partner. 41ys old but looks like 30ys. Working in a government sector. She has own new car, house lands and other assets.   (02/09/2016)

Smart person for marriage

I am 45 years old very younger looking pretty lady living with my elder sister at Kadawatha. Height 4" 10'. Work as an executive at a pvt firm. Have 2 sisters and a brother. Elder sister teacher at Royal College.   (02/09/2016)

An honest partner to marry

Im 24y. Following external degree, I am finding an honest and educated smart partner to marry. Email:   (01/07/2016)


I am 39, Colombo, graduate, 5' feet, good looking and kind, no dowry, I am looking for well educated person. age between 40 - 48. Email:   (15/08/2016)

An honest partner to marry soon

41yrs professional teacher looking for a well established partner to marry. Differences immaterial. Preferred from Western province. Compatible age range 38-46. Replies   (23/05/2016)

For Life Time Partner

Graduated from UOC.from Galle. 26 years old, Seaching a good kind heart, non smoker, honest boy. Email:   (04/06/2016)

Seeking a groom

Very loving person with good qualities more than 45 years. Email:   (02/05/2016)

Smart person for marriage

I am 45 years old younger looking smart pretty girl at Kadawatha. Work as an executive at a PVT firm. Elder sister teacher at Royal College. Her husband Dean at a university. Looking for a smart person.   (11/05/2016)

Seeking a groom

My sister is 5'1,47,divorced ,without children. Eastern music teacher working in Colombo (with mother, rented annex). Medium knowledge in English.Sinhaleese buddhist. No dowry.Looking for a teetotaler, non smoker. Email:   (02/05/2016)

Sinhala, Buddhist Groom

Seeks educated, well mannered son for daughter age - 29. Send horoscope. Email:   (02/05/2016)

Seeking a kind and a compatible life partner

Academically & professionally qualified partner is sought by G/B family for only daughter turned 44, Holds Bachelors in Education. Height 5.3", healthy, pretty & slim with assets. (07/04/2016)

Life Partner

Looking for a simple, down to earth life partner. I'm 33, Buddhist, Govi, 5'3" and tan in complexion. Working in a pvt company as an Accounts Assistant. (07/04/2016)

Searching caring white husband

Hi I'm a Sri Lankan. I was born 1980 and coming from respectable family. I'm searching a so much loving caring white husband. (07/04/2016)

Finding a son for my daughter

I have one daughter and one son. This proposal is for my daughter. She is in Japan and 25 years old. These days she is in Sri Lanka. If interested please reply. (07/04/2016)

Marriage proposal

I am 36 years divorced lady with 1 kid living with me. Working as manager at reputed company in Colombo. Seeking a decent well educated partner between 36- to 40 years.  (16/02/2016)

Seeking a partner (Australia)

Hi I am looking for a person who is down to earth, simple living and understanding the meaning of life. He must be genuine and sincere, well organized in his personal life.  (16/02/2016)

Seeking a groom (Canada)

Sri Lankan, Govi, Buddhist, Sinhalese parents seeking a groom. An Engineer for their daughter employed as an Engineer in Canada. Age 27+ years. 5'4", (MASc Engineering). Seeking from a Kandyan family. Tel:416-556-9486  (16/12/2015)

Marriage proposal

Seeking a pretty and young educated bride. I'm 35 and graduate in management, abroad are mostly welcome  (14/01/2016)

Finding a son to my one and only daughter (Japan)

I have only daughter and son. My daughter is 24 years old. She is in Japan. She studied in Japan. I'm looking a son for my daughter. Reply your details with family background.  (16/10/2015)

Looking a good son (Japan)

I have only one daughter studying in Japan. I'm looking a good educated son for my daughter. If you want more details mail me.  (02/12/2015)

Click here for image
Seeking a gentleman for my daughter

Well principled, gentleman groom is sought by elders for their daughter born in 1982. 5' 6", social, works as a beauty consultant. Wish to settle down any country, foreign proposals are wellcome. If you are interest please reply with your family details. All information shared will be treated confidentially. Genuine replies only. No time wasters.  (16/10/2015)

Looking for a groom

Age 34. Govi / Buddhist. My sister is working as an engineer in a government organization. We are looking for a groom for her. Please don't write divorced parties.  (16/10/2015)

Seeking a partner (Australia)

Hi, I'm living in Australia with PR. Age 41, separated. Seeking a genuine partner around 50-60. I am looking for a person who is down to earth, simple living and understanding the meaning of life.  (08/10/2015)

Searching for a groom

I am 34 years old. I live in Negombo. My height is 5"7. I did science for my A/L's. I am searching for a groom more than 5'7" ft tall. He should be from Negombo.  (08/10/2015)

For a groom

I am Hashini from moratuwa and 26 yrs old & height 5'6". Separated from short term marriage. I am a poor lady and no any dowry with me. I don't care about the age. He should tall more than 5'10".  (08/10/2015)

Click here for image
Looking for a groom

I'm 23, 5'4", divorced, Buddhist, govi.. looking for a non smoke, kind and well educated life partner less than 30 years. Email:gayamudalige78@gmail.Com  (08/10/2015)

Looking for a kind honest partner

Hi, I''m 39, 5 feet height, bit fair, good looking divorced lady. No kids. I have a house in Gampaha. Looking for a kind, good husbend.  (08/09/2015)

Looking for a groom from Europe

Hi,I'm Nadee from Maharagama, 33year old pretty girl. Looking for a honest & lovely person from a European country. I have a beauty saloon. Email:  (28/09/2015)

Find a real marriage

I work in government sector and divorced. no kids. 30 yrs old and young. Email:  (04/08/2015)

Seeking a partner from local or foreign country

We are seeking a well employed, kind & understandable decent, lovable son (age below 29) to get marry for our daughter. She was born 1995, 5'2" educated (A/L Maths & IT Diploma). We are Sinhala Buddhists.     Email:  (19/08/2015)

Looking for a partner for daughter

Academically / professionally qualified son is sought by retired parents living in Western Province for their never married, tall, slim, fair, attractive graduate daughter who is an Executive in the state sector. She is 40+, 5’5”. Reply with family details and horoscope. Email:     (04/08/2015)

Marriage proposal

Hi, I am 42 years of age, separated from my marriage regarding a reasonable reason. No parents. Having a kid. If you like more details I can provide you. Please contact me through email.     (04/08/2015)

Looking for a genuine, honest gentleman

I'm 57, 5.2”, fair, look young, Govi Buddhist, widow, unencumbered, 3 children independent. Looking for a genuine, decent gent with means, house in SL with residential status overseas. Local/Foreigner welcome.     (24/07/2015)

Parents seeking a honest groom for their daughter

We are seeking a well employed, kind & understandable decent, lovable son (Age below 29) to get married our daughter. She was born 1995, 5'2" educated (A/L Maths & IT Diploma). We are Sinhala Buddhists.     (24/07/2015)

Seeking a partner (Australia)

I’m divorced with no encumbrances at all. 37 yrs 5'1" as well simple, down to earth, straight forward, religious, God fear and family oriented. Looking for a educated partner around 50-65 years.     (13/07/2015)

Find a real life

29 years old and divorced. No kids. Find a honest boy.     (24/07/2015)

I am looking for foreign or local partner

I am Renu, 44 years old, I am single innocent woman. I am not a rich woman. I want to get married to a good person who can understand my every situation.     (24/06/2015)

Looking for a groom

Assalamu Alaikum. We're a respectable Muslim family from Colombo and looking for a suitable groom for our daughter age 26. She holds a dip in accountancy.     (06/07/2015)

Looking for a groom from Europe

I'm Thushari from Sri Lanka. 37 age, looking for a honest and lovely person from a European country to be my life partner until die.     (18/06/2015)

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Life partner

I am looking an independent person. I'm 47yrs old. An educated professional lady. (government sector) If you are divorced or separated write me with your contact number. Genuine replies only.     (21/06/2015)

Honest life partner

I am 30 years old teacher in the government sector. 1st marriage life was very unsuccessful and no kids. Like to partner with a very kind, hansom, honest and rich person.    (05/06/2015)

Partner for our daughter (Switzerland)

We are looking for a life partner for our daughter 32 , 5`7 B/G. Living and working in Switzerland.     (17/06/2015)

 Find a good and honest partner

Hi..I'm Sanduni from Beruwala. I'm 23 years old; working in water board as a trainee. If you are interested pls drop a mail to    (21/05/2015)

 Looking for a good relationship that leads to marriage

I'm 23. Buddhist/Govi (undergraduate-software engineering) fair chubby girl from Kalutara. Looking for a kind and well educated life partner (less than 27) with a good family background.    (05/06/2015)

 Looking for a groom

Hi..I was born in 1992 and looking for a honest trustworthy life partner to start a serious relationship which leads to marriage. Please contact me on    (11/05/2015)

 Parents seeking a groom for their daughter

Academically qualified son (a doctor or an engineer) is sought by well educated parents living in Colombo suburbs for their tall, slim, fair, attractive daughter who is following a B.A English (Special) degree in a reputed state university. She is 22+, 5’7" Kuja in 8th house. Reply with family details and horoscope.    (11/05/2015)

Seeking educated loving honest partner

I am a B.Sc & M.Sc (Science) graduate from a government university. Only child. Searching for a kindhearted boy with good qualities & values who understand the life.   (19/04/2015)

 Seeking a loving partner

I am a B.Sc & M.Sc (Science) graduate from a government university. 26 y, 5' 2". Searching for a kindhearted boy with good qualities & values who understand the life. Email:proposal.2015sri@gmail.   (27/04/2015)

Marriage proposal

Hi..I'm 38 age girl. Never been married and find a good Sri Lankan partner for marriage from Canada, Belgium or Australia. I'm Sinhala Buddhist and Govi Caste.   (27/03/2015)

Looking for a groom

I'm 39 years divorced recently. Anglican looking for a divorcee 40 - 45 in sir Lanka or overseas, non smoking, social drinking, should be Anglican. Out going proffesional who loves to travel.   (27/03/2015)

Seeking a kind hearted, educated partner

Parents looking for well educated, NON Smoker Decent son for their daughter who is 29yrs, 5’ 3’’, good looking & she is working as a Teacher. Genuine replies only.   (10/03/2015)

Marriage Proposal

A few things about myself, I am a teacher in a leading international school and a divorced lady with two kids. Daughter is with him and 10yrs old son is with me. I’m honest, easy going.    (14/03/2015)

Life partner

A G/B 54yrs, 5ft, Divorced, pleasant lady seeks a kind understanding educated(49-56)gentleman for marriage from anywhere in the world.   (08/03/2015)

Looking for a suitable partner

I am looking for a kind hearted partner for my beautiful sister age 35 height 5'3" Sinhalese Buddhist divorced two sons 14 & 18 years. Divorced with children welcome.   (10/03/2015)

Looking for a kind partner

Widow with a 10 year old kid. Sri Lankan Dutch Burgher; 40 years old; smart looking. Looking for a kind partner. divorce, widow age between 43- 51. Willing to   (01/03/2015)

Seeking well mannered Buddhist groom

Seeking well mannered, well employed, good looking decent groom from, SL or Abroad, age up to 36yrs, for marriage, I'm 31yrs, slim, 5'2" girl. Genuine repliers only pls-NO divorcees!   (08/03/2015)

Find a partner

Hi, i'm a Sri Lankan girl.38 age and looking for a good partner for marriage from Canada, USA, Australia. I'm single never been married.   (05/02/2015)

Indian Sunni Muslim bride

I'm an Indian Sunni Muslim single girl 22 yrs ht 5.2 wt 45kg fair graduated in BMS english medium looking for well settled Indian Sunni Muslim groom single 22 to 30 yrs. Tel:+966505450715   (05/02/2015)

Looking for a handsome guy

Matale,30 ys, divorced, pretty English teacher with no kids, seeks a really handsome partner around Kandy, Matale, without kids. Executives, professionals are welcome. Please reply with photo.   (22/01/2015)

Seeking a kind hearted, educated partner for daughter

Parents looking for a kind hearted, professional, well educated, NON Smoker Decent son for their daughter who is 24yrs, 5’ 3’’, good looking & presently working as a Travel Executive in a private company.   (28/01/2015)


I'm an accountant in a private sector. very simple and down to earth from a decent middle class family background. 5.1 in height. I'm 36. Want to find honest,kind partner to marry.   (12/12/2014)

Seeking a suitable partner

I’m 35 years. Christian, fair & good looking. I’m working in a private sector as an Assistant Accountant. I got divorced after a brief unsuccessful marriage. No kids. I'm simple, down to earth. Email:   (22/01/2015)

Honesty (Fiji)

I m a single mum for a three year old boy m lukin for a honest n one woman man.   (03/10/2014)

Seeking a soul mate

The girl coming from a decent family from Kandyan govi buddhist, consisting of two girls and one boy. She is running her 45th yr, look much younger, never married, 5’ 4” slim, fair. Well behaved endowed with pleasing personality and holding a good position at a well established private company in Colombo, looking for a professionally qualified, financially stable, caring, Buddhist partner at the age group of 47 -52. Please reply with family background and horoscope. Genuine replies only.   (24/11/2014)

Click here for image
Looking for a doctor

B/G I'm 22 yrz old girl doing law as higher studies, looking for religious, loving, caring, welmannerd, non smoking doctor or medical student from Sri Lanka aged 23-27 as my life partner. Serious replies only consider.   (19/09/2014)

Seeking a honest life partner

I am very simple girl. Now I am working for private sector & studying. 26 years. Seeking a honest simple educated Buddhist partner. Preference for abroad living partners.   (30/09/2014)

Muslim parents seeking for an educated handsome Muslim groom

Assalamualaikkum! We are in search for a professionally educated good looking unmarried only Muslim groom for our daughter tan 21 5'4 in height educated and religious.   (10/09/2014)

Looking for genuine life partner

Looking for a life partner she 36 years old divorcee , working/3years old daughter stay /parents. Please do not write for fun it should be genuine replies /foreigners can reply.   (19/09/2014)

Looking for life partner

I am living in Wattala. work at a pvt company as an Accounts Assistant. I'm looking for an understanding, honest, trustworthy person as my life partner. Age 32 & height 5'3".   (04/08/2014)

Looking for a groom

I am 25+ 5'3" height. Looking for a kind hearted groom 26-30 above 5'6" height. I am good looking and work as a BSc civil engineer. Interested for doctors and engineers. Reply to   (10/09/2014)

Partner for a divorced teacher

Sinhalese, 30y, 5'2", pretty English teacher who divorced from 3 months deceitful marriage seeks a genuine partner for marriage. No kids. Matale. Gentlemen with no kids are welcome.   (24/07/2014)

Suitable partner

Hi...I'm Samudri, I'm looking a loving caring and understandable person for my life. I'm 28 years old and living in Colombo. Working as a Asst Mgr accounts. Divorced people between 29-32 are welcome. Email:   (24/07/2014)

Muslim Malay groom

Hi, I'm keen to drop my daughters information Since she is looking for a person who is well educated and socialists .. We are Malay people, my daughter is very beautiful, chubby, and very fair.   (09/07/2014)

Seeking for a good life partner for my daughter

29yr 5ft fair girl, Bsc holder working as a senior executive in a reputed company. Looking for a good educated person. Overseas livings are also welcome. Tel:0773380007   (24/07/2014)

Looking for good partner (UK)

I am looking for good, encouragement, live in UK partner for my lovely friend 32, 5'2" live in UK. contact 07404957362     (03/07/2014)

Looking for a kind Groom

I am Sri Lankan Girl 40 years fair in completion a hight 5' 5" and fat. I am seeking a decent partner from abroad age between age 40-50 years.     (03/07/2014)

Looking to marry a white boy from Europe

I am Senali from Sri Lanka age 30, slim brown buddisht lady, height 5'5" never drink and smoke, so I like to marry a honest, kind hearted white person only from Europe. My     (02/06/2014)

Single 39 young looking kind hearted professional teacher

I'm a pleasant honest 39 years old broadminded professional teacher, I wish to marry a loving kind hearted, honest male with a good personality. Differences immaterial. Divorcees widowers welcome.     (02/06/2014)

Good partner

G/B. 5'5" height. Slim,  educated 31yrs girl. Working private sector. Looking for life time partner. Apprecited serious true replies from overseas also.     (12/05/2014)

Bride Groom

Moor parents looking for an educated groom from Kandy district for their daughter age 29, 5'2" in height, fair & slim, working as English teacher in a government school, if interested, reply     (21/05/2014)

Malay Lady 56 years widower

Looking for marriage a Muslim Middle age partner for my sister who is 56 years and a widower. He should be divorcee over 55 to 62 years with means and without encumbrances.     (04/03/2014)

Looking for life partner

Hii... Academically and professionally qualified partner between (22 to 25). A person who loves me the way I'am Bcoz I'm chubby girl, 5'9" Height. Willing to migrate. Please do not joke.     (10/03/2014)

Looking for a trust worthy life partner for 42 years pretty sister

Brother is looking for a life time partner for his sister who is separated from the painful, cheated marriage. Naval officers and air force officers are preferred. Pls contact with true details.     (12/02/2014)

Looking for a husband

I am divorced, 46 yrs old. No family encumbrances, working, have my own assets. Brothers professionals. Looking for a decent honest gentleman to settle in life. Welcome with a Kid. Need to start my life again.     (20/02/2014)

Need to marry a Europe country foreigner

My name is Thilini age 29 height 5'5" slim brown color Buddhist girl. Would like to marry a foreigner. Only from Europe countries and want to live happy life. Age 30-40.     (03/02/2014)

Seeking a life partner

I'm 35 years, height 5'5,born again Christian. Working as a executive in a private company. Got my divorced after brief marriage. no kids. Seeking a educated partner. Hope to migrate to Australia.     (23/01/2014)

Seeking a partner

Male 37 seeks slim broad minded professional consultant seeks educated girl. must be genuine, fun loving and understand English. Email:     (23/01/2014)

Searching a groom   (Canada)

Academically and professionally qualified partner between 26 - 29 is sought for 26 years old, pretty, fair, 5' tall lady, currently working for a reputed Company.    (23/01/2014)

Looking for a matching partner

Hi..I am sharmila. 31 years old .I was divorced after a short marriage, l am doing studying here. Please reply with the horoscope.     (23/01/2014)

Looking for a partner (Canada)

I am 25 years old, 5'6 in height. I am currently pursuing my phd; looking for an educated/professional life partner. Serious replies only.     (19/01/2014)

Looking for a suitable partner

Govi Catholic parents closer to Kelaniya seek a suitable partner for their 47 unmarried diploma holder daughter with sober habits. She owns a house to live. Please send an email with details.     (19/01/2014)

Marriage proposal

I'm 34 years unmarried young looking girl. I'm educationally qualified & working for a as an Assistant Manager. I'm looking for educated, kind hearted loving guy for marriage.     (10/01/2014)

Marriage proposal

I'm 25 years. height 5'1". working in pvt bank. looking for well educated and genuine person as my partner.     (14/01/2014)

Looking for a gentleman

Sinhalese, Buddhist 49y 5'1" in height, divorced, pretty looking, assets S/L, UK resident. Seeks kind honest, genuine, tall handsome partner fluent in English. Professional or b/man.     (07/01/2014)

Search for a partner

Academically and professionally qualified partner between 26 - 29 is sought for 26 years old, pretty, fair, 5' tall lady. (serious replies only)     (10/01/2014)

Life partner

My sister is a graduate, working as a development officer, 1983, 5'2". Looking for an educated, Buddhist, who is loving & caring. Email:     (22/12/2013)

Australian parents seeking partner for daughter (Australia)

We are looking for a respectable good looking educated boy for our 28 year old slim fair beautiful educated daughter. Reply to If interested preferably with horoscope and pic.     (07/01/2014)

A kind hearted life partner

Hi, I am Nazia I really wish to find a kind heated, decent, polite Muslim boy form Australia or UK. Email:    (05/12/2013)

Charming Partner (Australia)

Hi.. we are looking for a partner to my sister whose separated from previous marriage and have kids. She is 33 years old lives in Australia. She is slim and tall (5"6) good looking person.    (11/12/2013)

A suitable man for marriage

I am looking for my sister, 1983, a suitable man for marriage. She is good looking and kind girl. Working as development officer in government sector. She has science degree. She is looking an educated man.    (04/12/2013)

Seeking a life time partner

41 yrs 5'4" chubby lady looking for a kind and understanding person to get married.    (05/12/2013)

Seeking a good partner

I'm 35 years, 5'5" tall, Sinhala, Christian, good looking. I'm professionally in finance and working as an executive in a private sector. I got my divorce after unsuccessful brief marriage, innocent party and no kids. I'm simple, straight forward, religious, family oriented. I'm looking for an educated, understanding, straight forward person. Who is willing to marry & start a family life.    (15/11/2013)

Looking for a lifepartner..

I'm salani. I was born in 1988. Height is 5'4". I'm a pt teacher. I'm looking for a gd an educated enjoyable, lovely, honest, handsom, suitable person.    (25/11/2013)

Good partner

51 yrs old. (age not visible), divorcee, no kids. Fair, height 5'4". Working in a private commercial bank in an executive grade, searching for a genuine partner for marriage. Foreigner preferred.     (15/11/2013)

Looking for a life Partner

I'm a software Engineer working in Colombo, was born in 1982 and height is 5' 2", Buddhist and religious. Looking for a guy to get married.     (15/11/2013)

Loving caring partner (UAE)

I am looking for a good loving understanding caring partner below 35 from Dubai. Divorced 28y teacher working in Dubai with 4y daughter. Cont me in skype (thilini12368)     (02/11/2013)

Seeking a life time partner (Australia)

Hi, I'm living in Australia with PR. Age 31, separated having a child who is 10 years. Seeking a genuine partner who can be a good father for my son also loving husband.     (02/11/2013)

Need a person for marriage

I'm B/G Colombo 41 years old. 5'4" ht young looking girl. Work as an executive in leading company. Seek suitable partner for marriage. Pls email details with contact number. Email:roshani,      (07/10/2013)

Good partner

I am Ama, and I am a teacher in an international school. I have 2 sis and 3 bro/ height 4' 10" and fair. if u r interested drop me a mail.     (10/10/2013)

22 year looking for marriage partner

I am working as an office administrator in Colombo looking for a suitable person who is working/leaving overseas.      (01/10/2013)

Marriage proposal

I am a Christian. I work as a HR executive at reputed company. My age is 45 Yrs. height 5'3", pleasant looking, search suitable person for marriage. Specially Christian background.      (01/10/2013)

Looking for my life-partner (UAE)

I am a well educated, fair, loving, caring, devoted lady hails from a respectable family. I am genuinely and honestly looking for my soul mate for an intimate and stable relationship.      (01/10/2013)

Looking for a genuine Son-in-law

We are looking for a suitable partner for our daughter. She is 35 years old and divorcee. She is working in a private company, has a daughter of 2 years old, looking for a genuine life partner age 35.      (01/10/2013)


I’m 35 years, height5'4, Christian, professionally qualified in Finance, working in a reputed organization. I’m straight forward, kind hearted and understanding.      (21/09/2013)


I'm 24yrs , 5'1" with a pleasant look & well educated girl from a respectable family reside in Western province.      (03/09/2013)

Searching for partner

I'm a divorcee with a son of 7 years searching for an Honest, caring, loving lifetime marriage partner. Govi Buddhist; born in 1971; an old Visakhian from Gampaha; Work in government sector - reputed post; Pl reply only if you are honestly interested on a happy family life and able to be a real father to my innocent kid.      (03/09/2013)

Searching life partner

Hi, I' m 44 years old working in U.A.E. looking for life partner.      (26/08/2013)

Looking life partner

B/G, I'm 24 years old, fair, graduate, I'm looking for an educated ,well mannered and sensitive person as my life partner. Genuine replies only.      (26/08/2013)

Find suitable life partner    (India)

I have completed M.A., PGDCA, I am living in India, Tamil Nadu, Chennai. I am looking Hindu good life partner to share my life.      (11/07/2013)

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Searching life partner

Bodu Govi parents in Gampaha seek a well mannered professionals (unexpected dowry) for a young looking daughter 40 (1972) yrs., (divorced with 6 yrs. daughter) 5’2” medium pleasant Clerk in private sector caste & religion immaterial overseas are also welcomed horoscope essential.      (16/07/2013)

For marriage

I'm a graduate employee working for a well recognized private company, born in 1981, height 5'6". Looking for an educated, Buddhist, tall, teetotaler, who is loving & caring.      (01/07/2013)

Seeking a groom

Hi,Im Harsha. 27 years old from Panadura. I'm a Manager. I’m looking for some one who’s honest, kind, caring, with a sense of hummer.     (01/07/2013)

Choose the life partner

I am from Sri Lanka. I'm looking for a boy who lives in Australia or like to migrate to Australia. 31 yrs, work in a project. Pls reply as soon as possible.     (15/06/2013)


I am 33, fair ,presently working as development Officer in Government Sector, SL. I am from a normal, mix family. I have a Bsc. management degree. Willing to migrate. Differences immaterial.      (01/07/2013)

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Take me to u r heart

Looking all over for the loving, caring, handsome guy destined for me. I'm 28+, 5'4", tanned, moderate. Loves music, movies, reading, swimming, pets. Kuja in 7th house. Genuine replies only.     (15/05/2013)

Colombo Top Executive (UK)

Uncle UK seeks partner for niece who is a top executive in a Blue Chip firm. Degree in Finance, Catholic, 31 years 5' 8" tall very fair and without exaggerating quite beautiful.     (21/05/2013)

Seeking for a gentleman

My cousin sister 5'5" fair and fat age 25 burger Catholic living in Wattala , looking for a good catholic or Buddhist person he must be good and educated.     (18/04/2013)

I am a bride

I am separated. Looking for a kind person for marriage. Living in Europe is not a problem.     (05/05/2013)

Seeking for a gentleman

I am 27 yrs old Sinhalese Buddhist computer science graduate. 5'3" height and fair complexion. Looking for a educated gentleman age below 30, nonsmoker and teetotaler. Welcome only serious replies.     (30/03/2013)

Seeking a life partner

I'm divorced lady having one child and employed in a government institution. Looking for an educated, employed partner with good understanding and caring. Like to have a partner around my area. For more details please contact through e-mail and or send the contact number.     (03/04/2013)


Hi, I'm 24 years old and graduate of USJP BSc Accounting (Spe) Degree, Following Final II stage of ACA. Live in Galle. I'm looking for an educated and sensitive person as my life partner.     (28/01/2013)

Seeking a life partner

I'm 41 years old. Unmarried. Looking for a kind honest, caring understanding person I'll be with the same qualities. Pls don't apply for fun or cheating. Tel:+94758466072     (02/02/2013)

Marriage Proposal

Professionally qualified partner is sought for youngest sister, 5'2" 41 unmarried. Good looking well character Executive in a well reputed company. Dowry available. Genuine reply only     (19/01/2013)

Looking for life partner

I m 29 years old. Very simple girl. Looking for life partner. I prefer Jaffna Tamil.     (22/01/2013)

Seeking for you

I am very attractive in my mid forties, qualified and well employed from Colombo. Looking for an educated gentlemen with sober habits for marriage. My leisure is spent on travelling, music, photography. Tel:0777201109      (13/01/2013)

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Marriage Proposals

Seeking a marriage partner for my daughter who is an English teacher at a leading school in Colombo. She has substantial assets. Govi Christian 5' 6" tall and 42 yrs, divorced after a brief marriage. Email:      (17/01/2013)

Need a good partner for my daughter

Salam. need a good partner for my daughter. She is 19 years and divorced. We are a poor family. We live in Colombo. If you are interested reply to      (02/01/2013)

Marriage proposal

I am a software engineer 42yrs old. Never married. Seek suitable person for life. I am pleasant and very good family background. Working at Colombo leading company.      (11/01/2013)

Life partner

41 years. 5'2" Seeking a suitable groom for sister. She is not doing any special work and after marriage he can stay at our home. Pls dont write as a joke.      (10/12/2012)

Hi, please don't joke

Hi, I'm looking for a kind, loving and caring person to be my husband. (I was living together and now have moved out from that relationship). More details can be spoken through out the phone. Tel:+940777628889      (10/12/2012)

Marriage proposal

we are looking for a genuine educated bodu govi partner for my sister. She is a 30 year old graduate. Work as a teacher.5' height. We believe in horoscope matching. 7th house is papi. Genuine replies only.      (02/12/2012)

Life partner

I am 37 lady coming from a normal family and I am working in private company. I seek suitable partner for marriage and pls mail me if you can forgive my past and pls do not write as a joke.      (10/12/2012)

Need a boy for marriage

I am a poor girl age 28 live in Sri Lanka and I am a slim girl, height 5'5"; Need a boy for marriage in Europe countries or Sri Lanka boy.     (01/12/2012)

Seeking a honest partner

I'm 41 years old looks young. Height 5'2". Tan in colour. From a middle class family. Looking for a kind honest intelligent caring and understanding person. I'll be with the same qualities. Pls don't apply for fun or joke.      (02/12/2012)

Marriage proposal

English medium science graduate teacher. 43yrs. 5'2" in height.58kg in weight. Fair complextion.      (27/11/2012)

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Husband for daughter

38, divorced nice looking well educated woman with 8 years daughter. Looking kind husband who can be a good father for the little girl too.     (01/12/2012)

Marriage proposal

I'm 33 years old, unmarried girl. I'm a graduate and working at a bank as an executive. I'm looking for a educated genuine boy for marriage.      (02/11/2012)

Looking for my husband   (UK)

37,5'5. Divorced. Kind hearted, caring person with good Sri Lankan/Buddhist values. Down to earth, enjoys helping in need. At the same time have a balanced life with out going personality.      (09/11/2012)

Marriage proposals

Parents are looking for a good honest partner for their daughter. Height 5'4" 39 years, R/C, Karawe, smart & slim pretty, educated up to A/L, we are from good respectable family. Tel:+94714069487      (12/09/2012)

Life partner

Academically and professionally qualified honest partner is sought by well established respected Sinhala Buddhist parents for our daughter fair, slim , pretty, 5’ 4’, 37 She is kind hearted and well mannered. Qualified in English dip , ,Computer dip, and nursing dip. Currently works in government sector. She owns a house, modern car and inherits assets. Reply with family details and a copy of horoscope.      (19/10/2012)

Seeking a well employed Groom

Muslim parents from down South seek a well employed groom 24-32 for daughter 22yrs fair, slim & educated and owning assets.       (29/09/2012)

Looking For a Girl/ lady       (Qatar)

I'm 30 years. Looking for a lady /girl for close relationship. Age doesn't matter (prefer If she is in qatar). I can help her also.       (08/10/2012)

Seek a humane romantic partner

Age 48, young looking, attractive lady. Never married. I seek a broad minded, lovable, humane, romantic partner, (any) previous married is not an issue, genuine, serious replies only.       (22/09/2012)

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Marriage proposal

Govi, Buddhist, Matara, unmarried, 5 4", 1976 December born trained English teacher seeks an educated kind hearted suitable partner for marriage. Tel:0723814441      (29/09/2012)

Seeking a life partner

I'm 37 years old unmarried. 5'6" tall. Graduate teacher. Teaching in a international school in Colombo. Looking for kind, honest, caring, understanding person from Sri Lanka or Europe. Willing to migrate. Pls drop me a mail with ur recent photograph. Full details in first mail. Don't apply for fun or cheating. Good luck.       (18/09/2012)


Age 31, 5'4" in height, pretty and fair in complexion, slim , kind and caring. Govi Bodu from Colombo suburbs, working in a Government Department. Divorced from 3 year marriage. I'm willing to migrate to Australia too. We believe in matching horoscopes. I'm having a son of 1 year and 10 months of age. Have a house to live separately at Colombo suburbs. Hope to find loving, caring, honest, life time partner. Serious replies only.       (24/08/2012)

Suitable partner for daughter

Buddhist Salagama parents seek a suitable partner for their daughter 32 year old pretty fair doctor. She is working in a government hospital. Please reply with family details.       (31/08/2012)

Looking for a groom      (Canada)

Proposal for my cousin sister, who is 42 years of age, Sinhalese, Govi, Buddhist. Divorced with no children. Settled and working in Canada. BSc qualified from U.S.A. Seeking a academically and professionally qualified, honest, caring, fun loving and family oriented partner for relationship leading to marriage. If you are interested please reply with a recent photograph and full details.       (03/07/2012)


I'm fair slim good looking professional Colombo Sri Lanka. Having good family ground. All members in family are doing top jobs. 43yrs finding a professional groom.       (15/07/2012)

Girl Seeks a good honest boy from Europe countries only

My name is Ruwini Rathnayaka Age 28 slim; height 5" Buddhist poor girl. Looking for a honest boy who live in Europe countries only. Pls reply only if honest.       (24/06/2012)

Invitation for a Groom

Sinhala Buddhist girl; 38; living in Sri Lanka; qualified and experienced; pretty; not looking for the age; finding a life partner around 40 – 45 only. Should be from a respectable well to do family please email       (01/07/2012)

Looking for a life partner

Hi, I'm Tharushi, 31 years ,5'3" & fair. well educated, I have farther, mother, two brothers & two sisters, they all married, I'm looking for an honest groom doing any job from any country.       (13/06/2012)

Seeking a groom

I'm Niluka, 37, 5'3", working & living in Dubai, I'm looking a groom doing any job from any country.       (13/06/2012)

Marriage proposal

Academically/ professionally qualified, partner is sort for 39y, educated (masters), worked as Assistant Director, slim ,5'3", daughter from a respectable family.       (20/05/2012)

Life partner for sister

We are a very respectable Govi, Buddhist, middle class family, looking for a genuine, educated, unencumbered partner, between 60-66 years of age, for our unmarried youngest sister. She is very attractive, young looking, very well brought up with good Sinhala values, innately kind-hearted, well educated and has very substantial monetary assets. Sri Lankans living overseas welcome. Genuine replies only.       (24/05/2012)

In search of life partner      (USA)

Sister is in search for a honest, kind, loving, family oriented life partner for widower sister with children; Sinhala Buddhist, mid forties but looks younger than actual age.       (09/05/2012)

Looking for a Groom

29y/old, divorced. Well educated and running a own business. Has applied for Australian PR. Sister living in Melbourne. Seek divorced person specially from Australia.       (20/05/2012)

Finding a bridegroom

We are B/G family in Kurunegala district. there are six in family. 3 sons, one daughter. she was born in 1977 and height 5' 1", fair, graduate English teacher. Tel:0775350437       (23/04/2012)

Seeking life long partner (Malaysia)

Hi I am looking for my sister Priya a suitable man for marriage. She is good looking and kind hearted girl. She is looking for a honest, down to earth, kind hearted man, age above 40 for marriage.        (23/04/2012)

Marriage proposals

My daughter is 21 years old. Pretty. Kind honest girl. We are looking for a Buddhist honest and very kind person for my daughter. Tel:0755962226       (14/04/2012)

Seek a groom for sweet daughter

Parents from Colombo seek an honest, kind, polite, healthy, unmarried / separated groom between 33 - 38y, live in Colombo a pure teetotaler and a non smoker with an excellent character, and from a very kind, decent family, for very pretty, fair, slim daughter, truly looks below 25y, age 33y, 5.3”, legally separated from an unconsummated marriage (due to a groom's deceit) as innocent party. Please send full personal / family details with contact no / recent photographs to:       (23/04/2012)

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Looking for a groom from Australia

I'm a 39 year old professional working as a senior manager in a group of companies. Hoping to migrate to Australia in the near future. Fair in complexion and slim. Lookig for a partner for marriage.       (28/03/2012)

Looking for a bridegroom

My friend is just passed her 32nd b'day. She is pretty and kind hearted and hard working girl. Working in a law firm as a secretary. Eldest daughter of a Kandyan family.       (05/04/2012)

Suitable Partner

Academically/ professionally qualified, kindhearted, good looking, social partner is sort for 32Y, educated (masters), slim tanned complexioned daughter from a respectable family. Need Horescope. Email:      (22/02/2012)

Seeking a suitable groom for our daughter

B/G, We are looking for a religious, loving, caring, educated, well mannered, non smoking and good looking, age 25-32 Groom for our daughter. She is fair in complexion, age 22, height 5'7". Reply with Grooms details and family details & horoscope copy,       (18/03/2012)


Jaffna Hindu Vellala parents seek a partner for their 22 years educated daughter.      (28/01/2012)

Marriage proposal

I'm coming from sinhala Buddhist middle class family. Bsc graduate in Sri Lankan uni. Currently working privet sector. I'm seeking genuine partner for marriage. I'm 30 years old. Serious replies only consider.      (05/02/2012)

Looking for a partner

I'm 49, looking for an understanding, kindhearted partner in the view of marriage. I'm interested in meditation, traveling and psychology. Looking for a partner in similar interests. Westerners prefer.     (19/12/2011)

Looking for a life partner

I'am 29 years 5'1". Live in Colombo. Work as an Accounts Asst. in a private firm. Buddhist. Seeking very kind, down to earth, educated partner for marriage (age 29-34)     (19/12/2011)


We are looking for a groom for our younger sister. Who is 32+ years old.   5 2' in height; pretty and attractive. She is a graduate. Presently employed in the Government sector. pl.reply     (02/12/2011)


We are bodu govidurawa parents in Kurunegala district and we seek qualified son for our govt: teacher daughter. She is pretty and fair. Also good qualities. Both we are govt:teachers.     (06/12/2011)

Searching for a honest & kind lifetime partner

I am a kind & honest person. I’m 5’2’38 years old, fair & pretty. I like to dedicate my life to a honest & caring husband. I believe in equality in a relationship that is based on respect.    (24/11/2011)

Seek kind teacher bride

English knowledgeable but Sinhala Buddhist culture accepted very kind, simple teacher bride is sought by down south 29 yrs IT administrator only son of teacher parents. call 0773600362/091 2277686    (02/12/2011)

Seeking groom

We are looking for a kind heart husband for our daughter. She is 33 years old. She is doing business and religious girl, We are looking for the following qualities in the prospective groom: A non smoker    (07/11/2011)

For marriage

Sister seeking Honest kind loving partner for sister. She is 33 years old and 5' and slim very fair pretty girl. Unemployed. Please reply only Colombo, Gampaha, Avissawella or Overseas. serious reply.    (08/11/2011)

Life Partner

I'am 32years 5'3". Live in Up Country. Worked as a Accounts Asst. in a private firm. Catholic, simple girl. seeking very kind, down to earth, educated partner for marriage.     (04/10/2011)

Looking for a honest partner for marriage

I'm 27+ years old, 5'4" tall, fair girl educated at a leading Girls school in Colombo and teaching at a leading British connected International school in Colombo. Looking for a honest partner.     (12/10/2011)

Looking for Groom

Galle Moor parents seek professionally qualified groom below 31 from a respectable Moor family for 21 year old A/L qualified daughter, only girl in the family, owning assets     (28/09/2011)

Looking good boy for my marriage life

I'm Narmada, from Kaluthara, 20 years old, I'm very pretty and kind, I want a businessman or a good guy, live in Australia or somewhere, looking for a wealthy guy, plz call only those who have these qualities. Tel:0773636391     (04/10/2011)


B/G parent seek well educated son for their daughter 5'3 height 31 yrs old working as a government Account in a Department Colombo. Apply with horoscope detail to     (06/09/2011)

Suitable Partner for sister  (USA)

Brother seeks a respectable partner for well educated sister, age 38, Sinhala Karawe, a permanent resident in Canada, reading for a Ph.D. Please send details to      (13/09/2011)

Marriage proposal

Age 32. I am a divorcee. I am looking for a responsible kind hearted person I am very much young looking, and small made (4' 11"). I am of a fair complexion and have a well grown hair. I think I have quite shapely maintained figure. I am looking for a person who is down to earth, simple living and understanding the meaning of life. If you can call me 072/8845292, that would be appreciated.    (29/08/2011)

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Looking for you (Sri Lankan in Australia)

Hi, I am 37yrs old graduate, looking for an educated partner taller than 5 6". I love reading, hiking and traveling. I am 5 3" tall and look younger for age. If you are the one email me details.    (06/09/2011)

Looking for a groom

I am from Sri Lanka. Born in 1973. Educated up to Masters Level. 5'6' tall. Working in an International organization. Looking groom for marriage. I am living with my parents in Colombo. Inherits Property.    (28/07/2011)

Life partner

I am 32 yrs 5.5 height tan in complexion girl with pleasing personality. International school primary teacher. From Gampaha. Well educated ..Looking for a person to marry. He should be with good qualities. Love and care understanding smart.    (23/08/2011)

Seeking life partner

I'm a understanding kind, well mannered open minded girl. Fun loving and caring too. 31 ,medium complexion, graduated in IT. My life song is " Wahinnata hakinam" from Nanda Malani. Now u can get me who I am.    (28/07/2011)

Looking for a groom (Canada)

Academically & professionally well behaved cultured partner between 29-35 is sought by parents living abroad for their 29 years old 5'6" in height; legally divorced daughter residing in Canada employed as nursing assistant. Cast immaterial.    (01/08/2011)


B/G Parents looking for a suitable partner for their daughter (34) is 5’3 in height, She has got a very good personality. We are seeking for an educated, kind heated son.    (18/07/2011)

Marriage proposal

I am bodu/govi family. I have a degree university of Sri Jayawardanapura. Postgradute diploma in University of Colombo. Now I am a graduate teacher. working in Government school. I am living Hikkaduwa.    (22/07/2011)

Marriage proposal

Born on December 1963, (47) Buddhist, single, living with mother in own house, having a vehicle, 5 ft, youngest in family, independent, very simple, kind understandable lady.    (12/07/2011)

Marriage proposal

I am 36 years, 5-3" fair. Divorced living in USA with two kids, I am looking for kind partner below 42 years. He should be a professional person in the field of Finance / Account / Engineering / hospitality.    (12/07/2011)

Looking for a White person

I am Shiromi 32 years. Looking for white person Europe countries only , Ex Aus/USA, UK , who is kind, honest and matured. Age between(32_42). I live in Sri Lanka and I have no brothers and no sisters, my father died. I am a poor girl. Please Don't contact me for fun. Many Thanks. pls reply me.    (28/06/2011)

Life partner

I'm 41 years, divorced, Sinhala/Buddhist. I'm with a son of 10+. I like traveling & music. I'm a loving, caring person who expects the same from my partner. Need a genuine person to settle down.    (28/06/2011)


We are respectable business family from Kaduwela. we invite handsome educated,or business partner for our daughter. Further details plz contact us or write 404/2 ihala bomiriya Kaduwela. Tel:0757120790    (10/05/2011)

Honest partner for daughter

We are government professional parents seeking a honest kind hearted son for our daughter. Undergraduate, 22 years old. 5'3''height. Genuine replies only.    (10/05/2011)

Seeking a groom

Brother seeking educated partner for sister. She is B.Sc degree holder, working in government sector in Colombo. Southern, bodu, govi, 5’ 3” height, 27 years old. pretty, slim, simple girl. We are coming from middle class family. If interest reply with a photo.    (03/05/2011)

Looking life partner

B/G parent seek well educated son for their daughter 31 years old 5'3" height who works as government accountant in a Colombo Ministry. Apply with horoscope details to mention email address.    (06/05/2011)

Seek groom for teacher sister

Brother seeks well educated and practical Buddhist suitable life partner for Teacher sister. She has done MBA. serious reply only. Tel:0773600362    (27/04/2011)

Looking life partner

I'm seeking rich guy to my life. Pls call me 0094718329209    (02/05/2011)


Looking for a Govi buddhist professional from an upper middle class family for marriage. Must be kind, fun loving and interesting to talk to and fluent in English.   (03/04/2011)

Divorced sister

We are from Colombo, seeking an educated, kind hearted partner for our 30 years old divorce sister.    (27/04/2011)


I'm searching honest person to marry. My age is 33.   (10/03/2011)

Seeking a groom

I'm 40yrs. 5'3" ft. Pleasent looking, working in a well reputed Government Board. From a middle class family in NWP. Looking for a honest kind hearted educated patner. Pl reply    (21/03/2011)

Seeking a partner

I am 32 years, height 5'5 fair. Born again Christian. Working in the private sector as an assistant accountant. divorced after brief marriage.   (27/02/2011)

Parents seeking suitable partner for 22 year old Daughter

Parents seeking suitable partner for their younger daughter 22 years old, 5’ 4” attractive and beautiful; pursuing external art degree at University of Kelaniya. She owns a 52P land at Malambe.   (04/03/2011)

Looking for my partner

I am looking for a honest, kind hearted, specially well educated and caring partner to have a happy marriage. I am well educated (BSc.), pretty, slim 5’ 3’’ in height with an excellent character.   (27/02/2011)

Looking for an honest Groom

Looking for an educated, NS/TT, honest guy for marriage. I’m employed graduate, 29+, 5’6” in height. Don’t write if you are looking for some other thing than love. If you are interested reply with your details.     (27/02/2011)

Partner for happy life

I'm looking for a honest caring and well educated guy for marriage. I'm 37 yrs old fair, pretty and well educated. Email me at     (21/02/2011)

Looking for a groom

I am looking for a partner for my younger sister 40yrz (24.12.1970) 5'2" height and tan, slim. Her career is English Stenographer at a semi govt. organization.    (21/02/2011)

Looking for a groom

We are bodu govi Respectable poor Buddhist family in Wattala I have only one Daughter. She is 31 years old, 5’5” height. Slim figure and somewhat fair in complexion and young looking girl with dowry. Looking for a boy who must be kind hearted and educated Buddhist person. Especially in Europe country, good Sri Lankan son, even who live in Sri Lanka, Pls drop me a mail    (16/02/2011)

Looking for life time partner

I am looking for a honest, kind hearted, well educated and caring partner to have a happy marriage. I am a BSc graduate, pretty, slim 5’3’’ in height with an excellent character and 37 years.    (21/02/2011)

Looking kind Groom

Honest educated well Buddhist life partner is sought by parents for their elder daughter who is 32 years old. have BA Degree in Sri Lankan university. originally living in Matara. Tel:0773600362    (17/01/2011)


Interest of a partner below forty (handsom & really active) whom I can enjoy and have a relationship. I accept quality people to call me. Serious calls pls. Better if English speaking. Rashmini 011-2-532360    (18/01/2011)

Life partner   (Australia)

Hi, I am 42 pretty young looking girl who lives in Australia looking for a intelligent handsome boy who understand real love. Please    (03/01/2011)

Looking for a decent, educated partner

A teacher of English from Kandy, fair, beautiful & looks younger. All the other sisters & brothers too are educated professionals. Please reply for more details.    (12/01/2011)

Serious reply only

Teacher. Age 37.Normaly fair. small bit pretty, educated till 2 Masters. Divorced. Educated background. Searching economically stable, Christian or can be Christian person.    (24/12/2010)

Very loving, honest, kind and down to earth (Australia)

37yrs, 5'7"tall, G/B, waiting for divorce. No kids. Teacher by profession. Looking for person with sober habits, trustworthy, loving, kind, caring, honest and well to do with good education.   (27/12/2010)

Prince charming

I am an easy going, loving, caring gal of 24 years, 5'3", fair, medium built teacher from Badulla. I am searching my ideal guy.    (03/12/2010)

Looking for a life partner

Muslim mother seeking for a religious and educated boy for educated and working daughter hailing from a respectable family. Very intelligent and talented in all aspects of work. Tel:0722123775    (16/12/2010)

Looking for a life partner

I am the youngest and only unmarried in the family. Born in 1968, 5’ 4” and working as a Senior Manageress, of one of the leading private IT organization. Tel:0775496343    (07/11/2010)

Serious replies only

Serious replies only. No need to phone call like other ways. Teacher. Age 37. Divorced no children. Educated family background and educated till Masters. Christian and also searching a Christian or can be Christian. Parents alive. Retired. Who can be understanding, Caring & Economically stable lets try to understand to go further    (23/11/2010)

Looking for a Groom

I am a Roman Catholic 30 + divorced (innocent party). I have a 6 year old Son. I have come from a very respectable, high class family, presently working for a tea exporting company in Colombo, Email:   (01/11/2010)

Seeking for a life partner

Hi, I'm 33 years old,5'2" height. I have degree (B.A.Special) Now I'm working in Colombo, one of government department as a development officer. I'm seeking for my life partner.   (06/11/2010)

Seeking any (unmarried or divorced ) Muslim groom

I seek a suitable muslim groom for my cousin sister who is 29+ doctor, fair, v.pretty, soft spoken ,5''2" religious divorced girl (married for 10days) from Colombo. Tel:0094752102865   (08/10/2010)

Seeking a suitable person

I'm 34 years, live in Kurunegala. Earlier worked as an English teacher in International School. Fair,5'3 height. Looks younger. Looking for well educated, kind hearted, honest person for marriage.   (23/10/2010)

Looking for a Groom      (USA)

Looking for a partner for 39yr old beautiful, sweet, funny & kind divorced sister. She works as an Elementary School teacher in an International school.   (23/09/2010)

Seeking a honest partner

We are g/B respectable Family in Gampha district seeking an educated and genuine person to my daughter who is having a managerial position age 37 yrs looking young and beautiful and kind hearted.   (06/10/2010)

Suitable partner

We are a G/B family from Beliatta. Seeking a suitable partner for my sister born in 1977 and 5'2. Fair in complexion. Educated up to A/L. Please reply if interested.   (16/08/2010)

Proposal for sister in Melbourne   (Australia)

Searching a good person for my sister who is a Chemistry teacher and now in Melbourne as student of IT. Aged 38 height 5'5" Catholic. Religion immaterial. All her family in Australia including parents.   (23/09/2010)

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Looking for a partner

Aunt living in UK looking for a partner for pretty, well educated, accomplished niece who is working in a leading foreign bank in Colombo.   (27/07/2010)

Seeking a honest partner

Parents are seeking a suitable partner to their yonger daughter. She is 26 years, 5'3 height. Expecting final results of BSc Administration degree. Presently work in Colombo as an Accountant.   (10/08/2010)

Partner for marriage

A Sinhala Catholic parent from Colombo seeks a suitable partner for their daughter 32, 5’2” in height. She is pleasant, slim and fair. She is working in a leading IT company in Colombo as an Assistant Managers. She has one brother & one sister. Both are working. We are looking for partner, who is loving caring and very understanding person to start a very good relationship and eventually which would lead for a happy married life. Age between 32-38, He must be a Sinhala Catholic or Buddhist with positive attitude. If you are interested please write with your details. Only genuine replies please.    (20/07/2010)

Seeking a life partner

I am 34 year old girl,4.11", G/B. A well employed IT professional with BSc in MIS, MBCS and MBA.Very much simple and down to earth, seeking a same calibre colleague to share the life with.   (20/07/2010)

Educated partner

Matale BKG, parents seek a academically & professionally qualified partner for pretty attractive younger daughter BSC(bio science) graduate.27 yrs,5'.3" working in a government sector. She owns house with furniture, jewellary. send family details with horoscope.   (28/06/2010)

Educated, non-smoking decent partner

30+, 5'3", Colombo, BA, MA (English Teaching) (UK), English Teacher/Author, honest, caring, well-educated, pretty and pleasant personality. from a good family background.   (14/07/2010)

Looking for a partner for daughter

We are govi Buddhist family living in Kottawa and daughter 28yrs old 5' 3" height, degree holder. Working in private company.(kuja,shani-1) looking for a educated son.   (01/06/2010)

Seeking a good partner

I'm a simple girl from Negombo and 21yrs old. I'm finding a better partner to my life.Definitely he should be honest b'cos I hate liars and don't like to cheat anyone.   (24/06/2010)

Dear parent,

We are Sinhala Govi Buddhist family living in Kegalle and both we are retired government officers. We are seeking a son for our middle daughter who is (31), 5”5' LLB lawyer and working as an Executive Officer in public sector. If you are interested your responses/replies are most welcome and please call over on 035-2230390.   (05/05/2010)

Looking for a life partner

I am 28 4'11",not very beautiful. I am Buddhist/Salagama-Karawa. I live in Colombo, working as an Computer Operator for a Company in Colombo. Having a good background (medium class).   (08/05/2010)

Seeking a groom

we are B/G family from Homagama seeking professionally qualified kind hearted son for our daughter 23+years 5'.4" tall, working in a reputed bank in Colombo.   (24/03/2010)

Bridegroom for Sister

Gampaha Bodu Govi mother seeks an educated well mannered son for 32 years 5'4. BSc graduate daughter holding responsibilities as a senior executive in a reputed company. She is pleasant, slim and fair.   (27/04/2010)

Looking for a groom

Christian divorced teacher. Age 37. 5.1' height. Educated and from educated background. Not very beautiful. Economically stable Christian good charactered persons. If u serious to marry. Don't waste my time if it is not.   (17/03/2010)

Seeking a groom

33 years old 5'7" tall simple pretty girl. working as a Secretary in private firm in Kandy. As an asset have two stored house in Kandy. Seeking a groom with good qualities.   (18/03/2010)

Looking for a groom in abroad

We are in Kelaniya, seeking an educated, kind hearted partner for our daughter 25 years 5’ 9”. She is an undergraduate of Curtin University following B.Sc degree in IT. Tel:0713147123   (08/02/2010)

Partner for marriage

We are from Colombo, seeking kind, educated son for our daughter 28 years, 5'2 tall. She is a under graduate of Sri J'pura University. Presently working at a financial company as a Senior Executive.   (04/03/2010)


me, 31 years old 5'3" fair slim girl from middle class family, graduate and doing a professional job. Separated from legal marriage. genuine replies only.   (18/01/2010)

Bridegroom for marriage

I am a Kandyan Buddhist 33 year old, girl, looking for a partner for life. I am a very young looking, fair, slim, beautiful lady, much younger looking very smart and attractive, I work for a private bank. We are loving, broad minded family from Kandy. l Like to meet an educated partner, age between 34-38, He must be a Sinhala Buddhist, with positive attitude. I am an open minded person, out going sincere, loving caring and very understanding person to start a very good relationship and eventually which would lead for a happy married life. If you are interested please write with your details.   (08/02/2010)

Muslim Family

Muslim , brother seeks groom in USA for sister, diploma qualified in AMI & psychology.   (09/01/2010)

Seeking a groom

I am 30 separated and working in Italy at the moment. Looking for honest and understanding partner leading to the marriage.   (18/01/2010)

Partner for marriage

Hi, I'm 37 Fair and pretty. Live in Kandy. Im simple and very down to earth person who likes to have a good marriage life. Looking for my life time partner who is pleasant, honest, decent and educated   (17/05/2009)

Partner for marriage

Sister seeks a groom for her sister 44 years old fair and pretty younger looking height 5 3 Sinhala Buddhist professional down to earth kind hatred foreign responses are preferable.   (15/12/2009)

Partner for marriage

Sinhala,Buddhist ,Govi parents from Colombo suburb seek an educated, handsome partner who is having sober habits ,for their 34 yrs, pretty, average built daughter, working as an executive at private firm. Tel:0112916051   (17/03/2009)

Partner for marriage

I am 27 Bodu Govi. Attractive, simple and fair. Currently working as a telecommunication company . I am kind-hearted, caring, fun loving and normally I am easy going person, down to earth with good Sri Lankan values and always love to do good things and enjoying life. I like reading, travelling and music. I would like to invite a Gentleman who is well mannered, educated, professionally qualified. i like to caring and fun loving person (specially should be open-hearted and genuinely interested in marriage). If you are interested in my profile please drop me a mail. (please don't write for joke)   (20/04/2009)

Looking for a Groom

B/K Bank Executive graduate daughter.Slim fair very pretty. Height 5"5". Marriage was registered once and had to cancel due to personal reasons. Honest friendly; Pls reply to (25/08/2008)

India's Leading Marriage Bureau  (India)

Find your Life partner through online matrimonial service. A personal matchmaker to find your chosen one. With lots of profiles available currently. User ID : Inet0268 Tel:9241669598   (09/03/2009)

Searching a groom

an executive at private sector looking for a handsome loving, caring partner for marriage with good qualities. Tel: 00942916052   (22/08/2008)

Christian Parents seeking a suitable Partner

Christian Parents seeking a suitable Partner for their Daughter. 27 Years, 5'4". Has her own Beauty Therapy Salon. More details on request.   (25/08/2008)

Looking for a educated kind person for my friend (UK)

Hi, I am looking for a partner for my friend, she is Sinhala govi Buddhist, ( but she doesn’t mind any differences ) from a very respectable family, 45 but very young looking and really pretty, separated, well educated and doing a good job living in the UK. She is really kind and caring person with great sense of humor. If you like these details please drop me a mail I will ask her to contact you. Thanks.   (25/06/2008)

Marriage partner for my sister

I am forwarding the details of my elder sister who is 40 years of age ( Born in July 1968), She is extremely attractive, looks very much younger, fair in complexion, 5 in height and slim. She works as a secretary attached to a well reputed Mercantile Firm in Colombo . ( She actually looks about 25) We are from a Buddhist family. My parents are retired Govt. Servants. I am married to a Computer Engineer and living in Canada. My other sister who is the 2nd in the family is married to a businessman in Sri Lanka. If you are satisfied please contact us.   (15/08/2008)


Appreciate a groom in his early forties. I am unmarried in my late 30's. Employed in a leading international school.   (16/02/2008)

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I'm 30years old, slim girl from G/B family. Looking for a loving, caring partner for early marriage. age limit is 32-38. Divorcee also well come. Genuine replies only.   (02/06/2008)

Devoted partner (Oman)

Christian parents working in Oman seeks a suitable religious partner for their daughter 21 years, 2nd year BSC undergraduate tall, fair complexion. Tel:968 - 92715306   (13/02/2008)

Looking for a groom

Respectable well educated and employed B/G partner is sought for a beautiful fair slim 30 yr IT Administrator working in a private sector in Gampaha District. email:   (14/02/2008)

Sister seeks a Groom

Sister seeks a G/B, partner for beautiful sister long hair, Science graduate, age 41 with dowry looking for professionals sober habits btwn 43-47 in Colombo Gampaha Kalutara   (10/01/2008)

Looking for life partner (Groom)

hi, I am 43 years, Buddhist, divorced, no encumbrances, seeks a honest, understanding, caring partner in view of early marriage. Willing to migrate to any country.   (13/02/2008)

Mother seeks a suitable partner

Muslim mother seeks a religious partner for her b.ful daughter teaching in a in'l school. age 25. Plz send   (09/01/2008)

Father seeks a partner for his daughter

hindu father seeks a suitable partner for his 24yr old daughter working in a NGO abroad proposals also desirable.   (09/01/2008)

Brother seeks a suitable partner

Muslim brother seeks a religious partner for his divorced sister (innocent party) age 32,studied upto A/L.abroad proposals also desirable. (09/01/2008)

Aunty seeks a partner for her daughter

Aunty seeks a suitable Muslim religious partner for her 21yr old beautiful daughter, dowry available.   (09/01/2008)

Looking for groom

Muslim sister seeks suitable muslim partner for 25 year old adopted sister treated like own sister in the family.educated upto O/Ls slim, tall, pleasent looking. (03/01/2008)

Seeking a groom

I'm seeking well educated , good mannered partner for my elder daughter , 29yrs old now , working as Accountant in International NGO , Specially welcome for Doctors and Engineers. (05/01/2008)

Looking for groom

Professionally qualified and willing to reside in UK son is sought by B/G parents for their only daughter, 28 years fair and pretty highly qualified, doing a very good job in UK. Contact her aunt on (26/12/2007)

Looking for groom

Academically, professionally qualified teetotaler non-smoking son with sober habits between age 35-45 is sought for pleasant simple Govi Buddhist daughter having substantial assets age 34+ 5'2" graduate bank executive permanently employed in Colombo. Reply with horoscope in Sinhala/English. 0788911655. (26/12/2007)

Looking for groom

Academically professionally qualified partner sought by Christian parents for daughter 46 5'3" professionally qualified Finance Manager owns properties and wealth. Dowry available. Tel:0112291853 (26/12/2007)

Looking for groom

Academically professionally qualified partner sought by Colombo resident Govi Buddhist mother for daughter 35, 5'3" fair, pretty young looking Visakhian MSc (IT) University lecturer, presently reading Phd in prestigious Australian university on scholarship, PR holder with substantial assets, returning mid December. Full details with horoscope. Tel:0777 496428 (26/12/2007)

Looking for groom

B/G Colombo suburbs retired father seeks suitable partner for pleasant daughter 36 years 5 feet government graduate teacher following MSSc. Reply with horoscope. T.P.0112569371 (after 7.00p.m.) (26/12/2007)

Looking for groom

B/G mother living in New Zealand seeks a professional partner for her 25 old 5'4" academically qualified daughter early education in Sri Lanka presently working in government service NZ. (26/12/2007)

Looking for groom

B/G parents seeks professionally qualified well employed partner for their only daughter 29, 5'4" pretty well mannered doing further studies in U.K. Reply with family details and horoscope. (26/12/2007)

Looking for groom

B/K retired principal father seeks professionally qualified partner for their daughter employed management assistant in a government sector 26, 5'. Reply with 7th House. Horoscope and full details. TP:0775 049146 (26/12/2007)

Looking for groom

Brother seeks suitable partner for pretty very young looking sister 44, 5'1" studied in a leading girls school dowry provided household goods, jewellery. 081 2385638 (26/12/2007)

Looking for groom

Buddhist retired father seeks suitable partner for graduate Accountant daughter 42 years 5'2" owns upstair house around Colombo worth 7mn. 011 2896152 (26/12/2007)

Looking for groom

Catholic parents from Moratuwa seek an academically/professionally qualified partner for daughter 30, 4'11", academically qualified and employed in a University. (26/12/2007)

Looking for groom

Catholic parents seek qualified partner for for fair pretty daughter 30 yrs. 5'6" owns assets 10M. Reading Ph.D in U.K. now in Sri Lanka. 031 2232330 (26/12/2007)

Looking for groom

Colombo B/G brother seeks a suitable partner for his sister fair, good looking 43, 5'4" working as a PA in a government authority. Reply with horoscope and family details. Dowry Rs.500,000/- Bank deposit etc. 072 3347460 (26/12/2007)

Looking for groom

G/B parents living in Canada seek a suitable partner for their educated/ employed daughter, 30 years, 5'2" tall fair and very pretty. Please reply with horoscope. (26/12/2007)

Looking for groom

Mother Moor father Malay from Colombo seek an educated religious partner for their daughter 26 years 5'1" owns a house. Send details (26/12/2007)

Looking for groom

Muslim well educated parents (Teachers) seek a partner for their 25 year old English Trained Teacher in a government school. Contact 078 6647943 (26/12/2007)

Looking for groom

Parents looking for Sinhala Govi buddhist partner for daughter 38 UK based doctor now in Sri Lanka. Tel:011 2840169 (26/12/2007)

Looking for groom

Parents looking for Sinhala Govi Buddhist partner for Accountant daughter 32 now in England migrating to Australia 2008. Tel:011 2840169 (26/12/2007)


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